Loan Rate Renegotiation and Credit Redemption

While the interest rates charged by the banks and agencies have never been so low, it appears that the process of renegotiating mortgage rates or undertaking a redemption of its loans has not never been so solicited. Renegotiation of mortgage rates For the end of 2016, many people who want to renegotiate mortgage rates to […]

Are non-bank loans visible

Until recently, Retrodatabase was “reserved” only for banks. Currently, more and more loan companies cooperate with him. All those who forward data to the Retrodatabase about the arising of the commitment do so immediately after signing the contract. The next information is sent after the payment of the obligation or in the situation when the […]

During a credit redemption what loans can be grouped? | Loan consolidation

At any moment an exceptional event can arise and involve with him a dysfunction of the management of the individual. Every month in France, many households and households use consumer credit underwriting to cope with the vagaries of life. Consolidated credit is an action to escape a difficult situation related to financial problems. A new […]

Consumer credit: Can we buy a smartphone with a credit?

 In early March, Free, who fiercely opposes the system of subsidizing mobile phones, announced that the Court of Cassation issued a decision to stop it. Is the end of the purchase of the smartphone on credit? No, because it remains the consumer credit! How does the purchase of subsidized mobiles work? Subsidized mobile plans offer […]

Which bank gives loans without retrodatabase?

  Obtaining a bank loan without verification at Retrodatabase is not possible. This means that if our data is in this database, we will not get a loan or a loan from the bank. However, there are companies that do not check our credit history in the Credit Information Bureau. We advise where to seek […]

Loans to companies as the main source of financing – Cash and consumer loans.

The choice of loan determines the amount and period for which it was incurred. It is also important what the funds are used for and the possibility of securing the loan with the company’s assets. Usually, the company applying for a loan depends on the time of day-to-day needs and obligations. The degree of decision-making […]

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