Loan companies are fintechs that fill a gap in the financial market

Using modern technologies, loan companies have developed a niche neglected by banks, offering quick financing – available almost in real time and without leaving home. Although banks still have a large share of the credit market, there are segments in which loan companies already dominate. This is the case with financing for small amounts. According […]

Loans subsidized by the state or local authorities in 2013

The various loans subsidized by the State We will try to review the various soft loans that may be encountered that are likely to be part of the borrower’s financing plan, knowing that most of them are conditional . On the other hand, home ownership support has been the subject of many reforms. First in […]

Simulation of credit – Immediate result.

  Realize your real estate mortgage and online purchase simulation free of charge. Simulate your purchase of credits. 1 Real estate credit amount € 2 Amount of consumer loans € 3 Need more € Immediate result! Simulate and quickly obtain a feasibility notice The simulation online is free, without registration (anonymous) without commitment. It will […]

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