Loans for graduates setting up a company with interest below 1% – Consumer loan

  Graduation does not guarantee finding a job quickly. Non-working graduates often think about starting their own business, but in their case it is not so simple. Most start-ups are struggling with the problem of financing – banks are not willing to lend larger amounts to companies that do not have a sufficiently long, usually […]

Breach of credit: bonnes conditions, certain.

Despite the slight rise in interest rates and the change in banks’ commercial policies, credit surrender conditions remain attractive. However, we must know how to put all the chances on his side to be eligible and claim the best rate in force. Know how to seduce and reassure banks To obtain the financing of a […]

Car cancellation and loan repayment or leasing installments

Based on the documents received (decision on cassation and a letter from the bank), you unregister the vehicle and submit confirmation to the insurer who pays compensation to the loan repayment account. After the money arrives at the bank, the loan is settled – the insurance is used to cover the outstanding capital, and the […]

Auto credit: how to prepare your project upstream?

Even if the amounts are lower than those of a real estate purchase, signing a car loan (and a consumer credit in general) commits you financially. It is therefore strongly advised to prepare your project before applying for a loan. Prepare your purchase by consulting the auto rates. Let’s start with auto rates. Our barometer […]

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