Large growth in consumer loans

There has been a lot of writing about consumer loans in recent years and there are many contradictory opinions about how big the growth is and whether it is good or not. There are many ways to measure this in terms of number, sizes and age groups, among other things, and this is probably one […]

Loans for graduates setting up a company with interest below 1% – Consumer loan

  Graduation does not guarantee finding a job quickly. Non-working graduates often think about starting their own business, but in their case it is not so simple. Most start-ups are struggling with the problem of financing – banks are not willing to lend larger amounts to companies that do not have a sufficiently long, usually […]

Car cancellation and loan repayment or leasing installments

Based on the documents received (decision on cassation and a letter from the bank), you unregister the vehicle and submit confirmation to the insurer who pays compensation to the loan repayment account. After the money arrives at the bank, the loan is settled – the insurance is used to cover the outstanding capital, and the […]

Loan companies are fintechs that fill a gap in the financial market

Using modern technologies, loan companies have developed a niche neglected by banks, offering quick financing – available almost in real time and without leaving home. Although banks still have a large share of the credit market, there are segments in which loan companies already dominate. This is the case with financing for small amounts. According […]

Loans subsidized by the state or local authorities in 2013

The various loans subsidized by the State We will try to review the various soft loans that may be encountered that are likely to be part of the borrower’s financing plan, knowing that most of them are conditional . On the other hand, home ownership support has been the subject of many reforms. First in […]

Loans to companies as the main source of financing – Cash and consumer loans.

The choice of loan determines the amount and period for which it was incurred. It is also important what the funds are used for and the possibility of securing the loan with the company’s assets. Usually, the company applying for a loan depends on the time of day-to-day needs and obligations. The degree of decision-making […]

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